Pay for a PIZ delivered on a random day. the next visitor will get one free.

Okay, but how
does it really work?

Get a suspended pizza, paying it forward for the next visitor. After the payment, you TELL US when you’re in , we’ll surprise you & a stranger with a random pizza delivery.

GET A pizza*
give a pizza
*should work in any major UK city.
20% of each sale will be donated to Manchester Central Foodbank to stop people going hungry.

the small CHEESY print

In parts of Italy, when someone goes into a coffee shop and orders an espresso, they simply pay for two: the customer drinks one and the other one remains “suspended”, until someone else orders comes in and orders it. I wanted to create the same, but for pizza.
Due to the lack of open APIs we are currently relying on Dominos UK to deliver your saucy pizza. If you live outside of an area where Dominos delivers your plan will be cancelled and refunded. No spicy feelings. In the future we’ll be looking to expand to local pizzerias for better quality and to support local businesses.


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